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Acne Treatments

Laser Acne Treatments In Orlando

Acne is a skin condition that plagues the young and old, fair skinned and dark skinned, causing discomfort, irritation, and loss of self-esteem in those who have it. This skin condition is a result of overproduction of oil by the sebaceous glands. Although sebum is needed to lubricate the skin, too much and it can block oil ducks and give rise to pimples. The resulting damage that occurs in and around the pilosebaceous unit from acne can leave scarring in its wake.

No longer do individuals have to suffer in silence and allow their acne to take control of their lives, as we here at LightTouch Med Spa offer laser acne treatments that can help eradicate these blemishes from the skin, and the scarring they leave behind. These treatments can help foster healthier skin, and aid clients in achieving a clearer complexion altogether.

What Laser Acne treatments Do We Offer At Our Clinics?

Our world-class Orlando clinics are well equipped to provide professional treatments that can help individuals attain clearer looking skin. Depending upon the state of your skin, our nurses will recommend either our Intense Pulsed Light treatments, IPL™ for short, or PIXELⓇ laser treatments, or a combination of both. By visiting our facility, one of our highly qualified cosmetic nurses will perform a complimentary skin analysis to determine what treatment approach is best suited for you.


What Are IPL™ Treatments?

IPL™, also known as photo rejuvenation, is a form of treatment that can quickly and efficiently kill off the Acne P virus and is just as effective in treating other skin conditions, such as Rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage. IPL™ technology uses a spectrum of light energy, emitted through short bursts of powerful, polychromatic light which penetrates below the surface of the epidermis, programmed to target melanin or blood vessels, depending upon the type of treatment. This light energy destroys the melanin or blood vessels, effectively eradicating acne symptoms, age spots, and spider veins from the body. This technology is also known to stimulate collagen production in the body, effectively rejuvenating skin months after treatment.

For further information on this form of treatment, please click here.

What Are PIXELⓇ Treatments?

The most efficient way to deal with scarring and hyperpigmentation caused by acne, and for treating inflammatory acne itself, LightTouch recommends the use of our PIXELⓇ laser system. The PIXELⓇ laser system, from the Alma brand of lasers, is the gold standard of scar removal treatments, offering a safe and effective way for individuals to rid themselves of unwanted acne scarring. PIXELⓇ treatments involve a factional, non-ablative resurfacing approach, which resurfaces the skin, thereby removing any damaged skin cells in the process, and stimulating new, healthy cells to take their place.

What Occurs During Treatment?

During both forms of treatments, clients must wear protective eyewear to prevent damage to the eyes from occurring. Our nurses will apply a clear gel solution to the area of the skin undergoing treatment, as a means to protect it, while adjusting the laser system to the correct level for your application. IPL™ treatments, on the whole, are virtually painless. Many of our patients have likened the sensation of the PIXELⓇ laser to that of a quick snap of a rubber band. If you experience any discomfort during the treatment, inform your nurse, and they will adjust the levels of the machine accordingly.