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Weight Loss Treatment Orlando

Weight Loss Treatments in Orlando

We first look to utilize The Reform by Alma Lasers that offers patented UniPolarTM technology and uses dielectric heating achieved with an RF frequency of 40.68 MHz. The Reform sends 40.68 million transmissions per second to the tissue. Used successfully worldwide, Reform body contouring treatments are safe, effective, and suitable for any skin type. This form of treatment successfully overcomes the challenges of age-related skin imperfections, cellulite, enhances skin tone, and tightens the skin. This is a weight loss treatment that is safe, effective, and will help you feel comfortable in your own skin again!

Why Use Radio-Frequency Body Contouring?

During treatment, you can expect to feel the heat on your skin as the Reform technology uses dielectric heating to break up adipose tissue. Treatments are virtually painless. If you do experience any mild discomfort, it is important that you communicate this with your Nurse or Electrologist so that she can adjust the frequency of the machine. Your experience is important to us, so let’s work together to make it the best experience possible!

Injection Network Fat Lipolysis

Fat cells that won’t budge with exercise can be targeted with this injection weight loss treatment to produce the results desired. It is a lot less invasive than other methods of fat removal, such as liposuction or gastric banding, while still offering effective results.

Injection network Fat Lipolysis is an acid compound specifically designed to dissolve fat cells by separating the molecules down into tiny particles is injected into the targeted tissue. The broken down particles are safely flushed from the body through the lymphatic system. This minimally invasive alternative therapy is a great way to decrease your fat deposits safely and at an affordable price.

The injections do not harm the surrounding area of the treated site. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have an autoimmune disease or have an infection at the specific site of treatment, these injections should not be performed on you.

Why Try Fat Lipolysis?

Some clients may experience slight bruising; this is normal and should disappear after 1 to 2 weeks. Redness is a common side effect at the injection site but fades away within a few days of treatment. The targeted area will feel tender for some time after the procedure; again, this is a normal reaction of the body. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water for the following few days after administration, as staying hydrated helps your body flush out the dissolved fat. Over 80% of cases are satisfied with their results after just two treatments, at intervals of 8 weeks. However, some cases may need up to 4 treatments to achieve the desired results.

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